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Rob's Tire & Service Center provides Vehicle Inspection services to Newmarket, ON, Aurora, ON, East Gwillimbury, ON, and other surrounding areas.

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Description of Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections help to regulate proper vehicle maintenance. They also contribute to safe driving conditions. A vehicle inspection may be required annually before a driver renews vehicle registration, or during the sale and transfer of a vehicle. As a vehicle inspection station, we adhere to a specific set of guidelines that outline our inspection standards. These guidelines go over important inspection items and describe the inspection methods we follow when determining whether a vehicle is fit for the road or in need of maintenance. For each of our vehicle inspectors, the main priority is to ensure that the vehicle is both well-maintained and equipped for highway use. All of our vehicle inspections are performed in complete compliance with the regulations set forth by governing parties, and we may provide drivers with a full checklist of approved items after the service is complete.

Benefits of Vehicle Inspections

An inspection can identify potential vehicular problems early and save you time and money down the road as a result. We are equipped to handle a variety of vehicle inspections. During every inspection, our service staff uses a series of quality checkpoints to determine whether your vehicle should be deemed safe for highway operation. If your vehicle happens to fail a quality checkpoint during the inspection process, you may be entitled to a retest depending on the guidelines that regulate vehicle inspections in your area. If you have questions about our vehicle inspection certification or licensing, or if you are ready to schedule an inspection, please contact us online or by phone.

Rob's Tire & Service Center proudly serves the Vehicle Inspection needs of customers in Newmarket, ON, Aurora, ON, East Gwillimbury, ON, and surrounding areas.

Areas Served : Aurora ON | East Gwillimbury ON | Newmarket ON | and surrounding areas

Emissions Inspection

Vehicle inspection requirements differ by state or province, but all are determined by an authoritative governing body in response to safety...

Approx. Time: 30 Minutes

Insurance Inspection

Crime involving motor vehicles is a costly problem, and represents substantial profits for those succeeding in insurance fraud...

Approx. Time: 30 Minutes

Safety Inspection

Vehicle safety inspection requirements are determined by the governing body of a state or province...

Approx. Time: 60 Minutes

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